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TruQOR a Leader in IT and IAQ As-A-Service

TruQOR provides an alternative to large upfront capital expenditures through TruOnDemandTM As-A-ServiceTM, and UVGIaaSTM. Conserve Capital while consolidating costs into single monthly (opex) payments with full turnkey service:

Technology As-A-Service

TruAIRTM IAQ you can trustTM




Please consult with financial experts as information provided herein is not intended as financial guidance or advice. TruAIR, TruOnDemand, TruAIR, IAQ you can trust, and UVGIaaS are trademarks of TruQOR, LLC (all rights reserved)

TruQOR was founded by veteran executives having decades of experience in high tech solutions including IT, CyberSecurity, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Savings and banking.  Coupled with this keen knowledge of Global Economic Conditions including Global Warming, increasing energy costs, soaring IT demand and costs we have assembled a skilled team of both technically proficient and financially innovative business leaders with demonstrated success in delivering financial tools such as the "as-a-service" offering coupled with products that deliver the highest quality and most financially sound results to clients around the globe.


TruQOR is at the epicenter of some of the world's most critical secular trends. With the increased focus on Indoor Air Quality, Health and Wellness, Sustainability, Digitization and a growing population that encounters social economic barriers. Whether its energy savings, carbon footprint reduction, IT or air quality improvement TruQOR delivers unique and industry leading approach that maximize cost benefit, saves energy with improving the environment we all live in through our unequaled TruOnDemandTM TruAIRTM and UVGIaaSTM solutions tailored to the World's unique needs.




TruQor’s CEO has 30 years’ experience leading companies in the creation of complex technical solutions for the United States government and commercial sectors. He has designed, developed and implemented critical components in support of military operations worldwide and holds national security clearances. As president of several high-tech companies, he led the development of successful new, high tech products and oversaw significant business ventures which included the initiation and completion of negotiations for a $100 million plus business sale to a publicly traded company.  He has served as an expert adviser to the US Congress, and as a member of a joint Federal Aviation Administration panel on aviation safety. He holds advanced accreditation in aviation and aerospace sciences and attended a prestigious state university on the east coast with a concentration on theoretical and applied physics.


The COO has a long history as a “C” level executive, first in media and for the last 15 years in high tech organizations. His latter areas of expertise include video compression, advanced search engines, high speed computing and, most recently, protection in the digital storage sector.  He previously served as the head of a successful talent acquistion company largely focused on the media, entertainment and high tech industry sectors.  In the international business sphere he created over a dozen sizable, successful media businesses in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.  He holds a law degree from a top US law school.


TruQor’s CTO has been a Chief Scientist/Chief Solutions Architect with over 30 years of experience in designing, building and securing large-scale telecommunications, RF and SCADA networks and associated IT infrastructure. He holds a CISSP and was a key solution architect for many of the large-scale networking and security projects as a principal at one of the largest system integrators in the US.  He led large-scale design and integration efforts as well as critical internal research and development programs. He worked with nationally recognized public safety communications SME’s to develop new wireless interoperability technologies and standards.  His current work with TruQor involves “big data” solutions to ingest, correlate, and visualize disparate data types and sources for true predictive situational awareness. He has supported a number of programs and agencies including federal sectors of defense, law enforcement and other mission critical projects in confidential arenas. In the commercial market, he has supported sensitive projects for such data dependent enterprises as Corning and Motorola.




The CIO formally served for three years as a Senior IT Advisor and Program Manager for one of the most important eGovernment initiatives.   For ten years following his eGovernment service, TruQor’s Innovation Officer served in operation and facilitative roles as Deputy CIO, Technical Director and Program Director of a joint pilot program between his federal civilian agency and the Department of Defense.   He is a technologist experienced in enabling government and commercial business customers through repurposing capabilities to meet novel and emerging new uses.  With an acknowledged talent for understanding complex technology and transactional specifications, this officer draws on his decade of intensive engineering experience in the design and implementation of custom data and telecommunications solutions for global 1000 companies and service providers in the private sector.



TruQor’s CAO has more than 30 years of hands on experience in a wide variety of roles developing and using technology to perform macro and micro analysis in the public and private sectors. He has been recognized as a thought leader with broad research, development, planning and operational experience that is balanced by multiple tours establishing standards and evaluation programs as well as key oversight and compliance initiatives in critical areas of data analysis. His extensive experience across multiple disciplines has been key to amassing a proven record developing functional and operational capability requirements and bringing them to fruition as successful national and international programs. During his many years living and working abroad, he established a solid record of success working with a wide variety of international partners in dynamic and demanding environments.


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