TruQor was founded in 2017 by TruQor's CEO and CTO, two veteran executives having decades of experience in the high tech solutions arena.  Coupled with a keen knowledge of data security, digital media and marketing, they have assembled a skilled team of technically proficient players who have demonstrated success in delivering top quality results to clients.  Throughout the process, TruQor uses unique and proprietary techniques that maximize client business while protecting clients from outside intervention by cyber threat that destroys critical data, or hold it ransom and from threats that unknowingly weaken and dilute web based marketing and sales programs utilized today.


The complications of today’s electronic data environment, sophisticated cyber-attacks, ransomware, data destruction and attacks / hijack of web based advertising, promotion, marketing and selling environment have made it imperative that companies take active steps to assure maximum protection and data assurance.  With huge amounts of business dollars at stake, companies need to know that their data, products and services are getting optimum results while its data is fully protected.  Current technologies rely on traditional old failed security strategies at the endpoint and network.  Adversaries now are not just script kiddies and entry-level novices, but hackers that include nation-state actors and advanced cyber criminals that are well-funded, patient, and employ arcane zero-day exploits.  Their advanced exploits capitalize on memory-based techniques that evade traditional network and endpoint security solutions.  Sophisticated Cyber Attack Life Cycle employ high levels of technical knowledge with infiltration, network re-entry and lateral pivots to higher value targets that make use of zero-day vulnerabilities and file-less memory attacks.  More than ever before data exfiltration is more ingenious and clean-up more comprehensive.  Most significant is that these attacks have capabilities to subvert traditional security products that rely on technics of signatures, log analysis or network packet identification. Other exploits execute code in the presence of traditional security defenses taking control of your system with many of these attacks considered “indefensible” until now. 


TruARC2(TM), a TruQor product, provides amongst its many components, a novel deterministic approach for detecting attacks in microseconds and with TruARC2(TM) recovery happens before anyone is even aware of the attack. TruARC2(TM) works during application runtime with immediate detection effectively stopping, and recovering in real-time, eliminating exposure of high value applications, endpoints and websites providing defense from the “indefensible”.

TruARC2(TM)’s additional components keep client’s critical data, event / security logs fully secure preventing an attack from modify or destroying your information while also stopping ransomware encryption.  


Long experienced in identifying, monitoring and taking effective defensive action against cyber threat is the distinguishing factor in choosing TruQor to assist in programs, and data protection critical to clients.  TruQor interfaces with client applications, cloud and data centers in a way that they can assure progress and protection.  TruQor is a true leader in “business empowerment” protecting you in an ongoing, real-time basis. 


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