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Our goals for today's market underscore our commitment to the things that matter and to continuously challenge ourselves to innovate in ways that improve the planet, and our communities.   The complications of today’s electronic data environment with endless cloud providers, sophisticated cyber-attacks, ransomware and data destruction have made it imperative that companies to take active steps to assure maximum protection and data assurance while doing so without breaking the budget.  Similarly, Energy and IAQ are equally as demanding requiring innovative ways to reduce emissions while providing a heather environment. The quality and cleanliness of the air we breathe everyday has a significant impact on our health and well-being. Better indoor air quality is a powerful tool in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.   Additionally, “sick-building syndrome” a symptoms related to time spent in under-performing indoor environments causing headaches, malaise, not being able to think clearly, sometimes more severe. Indoor Air Quality is far more important that you think with most of our time spent indoors, but buildings and schools are simply not healthy. While the current urgency around healthy indoor environments in commercial buildings revolves largely around stopping the spread of COVID-19, research has shown the potential impact of healthy environments to be much greater. Through the COGfx Study, research has shown that healthy buildings can significantly improve cognitive function, while the HEALTHfx Study revealed the benefits of healthy buildings on societal health and climate. All in all, we’re seeing that healthy buildings can impact the bottom line for a business – from reducing energy waste and the related costs to increasing worker productivity and student learning.


From TruOnDemandTM, TruAIRTM and UVGIaaSTM, provides among its many facets, a True as-a-service solution, which reduces the investment and delivery time. 


TruOnDemandTM enables all the benefits of a public cloud. while offering the IT technology and Cyber security you want or need. TruOnDemandTM is a novel approach to providing all of this through a consumption-based IT model, including infrastructure and public cloud interface. This offers organizations an easy path to scale up to handle demand and changes in market conditions. This flexible model provides the agility to scale and grow rapidly without the complications of identifying and purchasing new infrastructure.   Organizations using  TruOnDemandTM  gain benefit and savings through the following:

  • Multi-vendor IT As-a-Service (you choose the technology)

  • Infrastructure and maintenance with on-demand public cloud interface included 

  • Embedded best-in-breed multi-provider cyber hardening

  • Faster time-to-value of business initiatives driving increased business productivity

  • Flexible infrastructure that scales as fast as you grow.

  • No need for capital expenditures (capex) in IT infrastructure

  • Pay-as-you-go model provides a single monthly payment that frees up cash flow and removes the need for long-term capital expenditure and IT investment planning

TruAIRTM and UVGIaaSTM focus on helping businesses impact their bottom line from providing innovative and proven financial tools that offer a managed service approach to their HVAC and indoor health equipment while reducing energy waste and the related costs to increasing worker productivity by protecting their health.It is known that we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors and by our efforts to improve IAQ there are known improves in cognitive function, improved personal health by combating sick building symptoms, reducing threat of indoor bio-terrorism along with improved societal health through energy savings, reducing CO2 to avert negative impact on climate change along with reducing air pollution resulting in fewer deaths, hospital visits and lost days at work or school. Additonally, our driving focus is on solutions that need no additional supporting infrastructure while improving its environment, and with little barrier to equitable deployment through financial tools that make them obtainable, transforming with definable savings.


TruQOR is a true leader in “business empowerment” protecting you in an ongoing, real-time basis while enhancing your bottom line.

The TruOnDemandTM  As-A-Service, UVGIaaSTM (OpEx) model considerations*:

Different than purchasing or leasing an asset, organizations have the option to enter into services contracts where a provider takes full responsibility for acquiring and managing the technology, product and assets which are consumed by customers based on outcomes and features.  As-A-Service brings significant advantages not only to how these organizations treat services contracts financially but how they view and get impacted by technology, products and services, as a whole.  As-A-Service provides organizations with the following benefits:

Financial benefits

  • No large upfront Capital Expenses (CapEx)

  • Monthly payments based on services being received without having to recognize underlying assets as well as future payment obligations on the balance sheets

  • If applicable, Pay-Per-Use and, or terminate when the services are no longer required

Organizations evaluate how assets are delivered to them to assure the structure is not an embedded lease.  TruOnDemandTM  includes a number of conditions that qualify this product as a true OpEx As-A-Service which must be adhered to by the customer.

*Please consult with financial experts as information provided herein is not intended as financial guidance or advice.  The content herein is intended to convey general information only!  It does not provide any tax, legal, accounting and, or financial advice or opinion.  No action should be taken in reliance to the information contained on post and TruQOR, LLC and its affiliates disclaim any and all liability in respect to actions taken or not taken based on any and all contents of this site to the fullest extent permitted by law. Details, terms and conditions are available upon request from TruQOR.


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