The complications of today’s electronic data environment with endless cloud providers, sophisticated cyber-attacks, ransomware and data destruction have made it imperative that companies take active steps to assure maximum protection and data assurance while doing so without breaking the budget.  With huge amounts of business dollars at stake, companies need to know that their data, products, services and IT investments are getting optimum results while its data remains fully protected.  Current business models rely on traditional old strategies of long-term capital expenditures for IT and infrastructure, with ever increasing costs associated with cyber hardening as new threats emerge. Organizations trying to keep pace find that they simply cannot scale fast enough to meet their IT demand, or have over provisioned tying up financial resources.  Organizations around the globe are also finding their business models need to evolve to keep pace with the digital transformation brought about by the public cloud.  In this new IT economy organizations must support their businesses in a nimble and highly flexible fashion in order to gain success.  Organizations are finding that cloud is inevitable, but cloud strategies, workloads, applications and security differ significantly across industries.  Some find they must maintain some on-premises IT to conform with security and, or regulatory needs while others have existing IT capital investments and, or performance requirements not offered in the public cloud. Additionally, a public cloud may limit the amount of control an organization may feel they need over their IT.


TruOnDemandTM, a TruQOR product, provides among its many facets, a True Technology-as-a-Service solution, which reduces the investment and delivery time, while still enabling the benefits of a public cloud. while offering the IT technology and Cyber security you want or need. TruOnDemandTM is a novel approach to providing all of this through a consumption-based IT model, including infrastructure and public cloud interface. This offers organizations an easy path to scale up to handle demand and changes in market conditions. This flexible model provides the agility to scale and grow rapidly without the complications of identifying and purchasing new infrastructure.   Organizations using  TruOnDemandTM  gain benefit and savings through the following:

  • Multi-vendor IT As-a-Service (you choose the technology)

  • Infrastructure and maintenance with on-demand public cloud interface included 

  • Embedded best-in-breed multi-provider cyber hardening

  • Faster time-to-value of business initiatives driving increased business productivity

  • Flexible infrastructure that scales as fast as you grow.

  • No need for capital expenditures (capex) in IT infrastructure

  • Pay-as-you-go model provides a single monthly payment that frees up cash flow and removes the need for long-term capital expenditure and IT investment planning


TruQOR is a true leader in “business empowerment” protecting you in an ongoing, real-time basis while enhancing your bottom line.

The TruOnDemandTM  As-A-Service (OpEx) model considerations*:

Different than purchasing or leasing an asset, organizations have the option to enter into services contracts where a provider takes full responsibility for acquiring and managing IT, technology and assets which are consumed by customers based on outcomes and features.  Although As-A-Service removes some of the control organizations have with respect to the IT, technology, assets they require, it brings significant advantages not only to how these organizations treat services contracts financially but how they view and get impacted by IT and technology, as a whole.  As-A-Service provides organizations with the following benefits:

Financial benefits

  • No large upfront Capital Expenses (CapEx)

  • Monthly payments based on services being received without having to recognize underlying assets as well as future payment obligations on the balance sheets

  • If applicable, Pay-Per-Use and, or terminate when the services are no longer required

Organizations evaluate how assets are delivered to them to assure the structure is not an embedded lease.  TruOnDemandTM  includes a number of conditions that qualify this product as a true OpEx As-A-Service including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Risk Retention.  Service Level Agreements (SLAs) defining performance with on demand consumption, variability, with risk held by provider

  • Product offering includes service elements such as installation, facility colocation and asset monitoring

  • Offerings include no reference to the specific product in the service

  • Offering based on non-product related consumption units such as amount of storage

  • Early Termination for Convenience giving an organization the ability to cancel the contract with a reduced penalty as compared  to typical lease terms

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